Terms of Service

Rights to artwork remain the sole property of Gwendelyn M. Elliott including after purchase. This includes the purchase of originals, commissions, and any future reproductions of any kind. The purchase of any item, original or otherwise, does not grant the customer permission to distribute in any form or reproduce in any way by means of profit and/or otherwise.

Collectors may not reproduce the artwork in any way without express written permission from the artist. Posting images of the items purchased on social media is always welcome and does not breach this clause.

I am not liable for goods once they are in the possession of the collector. It is not my duty to refund, exchange, replace or compensate by any means for the damage to products that have been mishandled by customers. For example: smudging fingerprints, tearing fine art, damaging works, etc.

Compensation for damage is due if/when damaged products are received when impacted by postal services and/or faulty merchandise has been dispatched. Every painting is inspected several times before shipment.

Please read the product descriptions thoroughly and carefully. It is not my duty to compensate customers who do not read the information provided in the product description prior to purchase.